Although we started out servicing and overhauling the Bosch ebike motors, we were soon approached by many people enquiring if we do other motors?
So, we started looking at other motors. We found the same problem…bearing failure!

If you are replacing the bearings yourself, you can identify which bearing goes where and individually purchase just the ones you need!

These are all the common bearings found in the Brose ‘T’ and ‘S’ ebike motors. The bearings shown are the most likely to fail due to wear and tear or water ingress. We can also supply O-rings and circlips for these motors. If what you’re looking for is not shown, please contact us, I am sure we can help.


The Brose motor has been the most difficult and expensive motor to source and manufacture bearings for. Some of the bearings have not been possible to source or manufacture for one reason or another.
If you buy our bearings you must accept that they may not resemble the original bearing but will still do the same job.