We’re the US headquarters that offers a comprehensive repair and overhaul service for e-bike motors.


To request a service, kindly complete and submit the following form.

The service or overhaul cost varies based on the motor’s make and model, along with the specific issues identified. While we often receive inquiries about pricing, providing an exact figure is challenging until we assess the problem and determine necessary replacements. As a rough estimate, basic service for most e-bike motors starts at $400, covering repair of what is commonly broken and re-greasing. Prices may increase for comprehensive overhauls, including upgrades, bearing replacements, and belt replacements for certain models.

In rare instances where internal components like drive shafts or gears require replacement, the cost may exceed these estimates. However, we will always inform you of any additional expenses before proceeding with the work.

Our primary goal is to keep repair costs significantly lower than replacement costs. If this isn’t feasible, we will notify you before proceeding with any charges.