Is your motor out of warranty?

Are you facing a voided or expired factory warranty and hesitant to invest in a costly replacement?

Tired of your eBike motors giving out sooner than expected despite their high cost? Feel like even a slight glance at Bosch, Brose (Specialized), or Yamaha eBike and eAssist motors could void the warranty? Have you experienced issues after just one race in muddy or wet conditions, such as whining, grinding, or seizing up? Does it seem like the industry pushes motor replacement as your only solution?

Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. In most cases, we can overhaul and return your motor in less time than it takes for the manufacturer to even receive it. Our priority is getting you back on the trail swiftly. Plus, we stand by our work with a full parts and service warranty, ensuring your confidence in our service.

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